Professional O&M services - A must

A Professional O&M services can play a major role in protecting your solar PV plant profitability and improving the ROI from your investment. A well managed O&M is an absolute necessity sustained plant performance over the lifetime of the plant.

While the cost of solar installation has come down drastically over past few years, its still a significant investment for any establishment. A solar plant has an operational life of minimum 25 years with performance warranty from solar panel manufacturers and other suppliers. However, one needs to ensure that solar panel, inverters and other equipment are operated as per OEM requirement.

O&M team should have necessary technical skill set and understanding to operate plant processes in a manner that helps optimize the plant performance and improve equipment lifetime. Some of the critical O&M processes include

  • Operations

Efficient technical and administrative services including module cleaning, plant security, local coordination for solar facility for trouble free plant operations with strict adherence to plant health, safety and applicable regulations.

  • Health Check

Extensive plant inspection and testing to identify scope of efficiency improvement to increase ROI from existing solar plant.

  • Reporting

Verification and record of data on electricity generation, auxiliary consumption, grid information and maintenance processes. loss in generation due to grid disturbance, and consumption of electricity within the facility

  • Monitoring/Analytic

Centralized remote monitoring processes for all operational units, real time weather data, equipment level performance data, preventive alerts for trouble free plant operations.

  • Preventive Maintenance

Plant health check, Inspection, Testing, replacement and preventive maintenance services

  • Training

Extensive training schedules for different stakeholders to ensure smooth technical and administrative plant management

LNB Renewable
provides customized O&M services with highest quality resources and well defined O&M processes to maximize power generation from solar power plant. Please get in touch to know more