Benefits from Solar Rooftop installation

Solar electricity is cheaper than grid tariff charged by distribution companies and adopting solar can lead to 30-40% reduction in your monthly electricity bills. Along with savings, solar plant reduces impact of fluctuation in power tariff and helps you plan your operational costs more effectively. Our illustration on annual cost savings by adopting solar energy shows tremendous scope of reduction in your operational costs.

Safe Investments, High Returns

Solar PV electricity generation is based on mature and stable technologies in use for decades. This means minimum technology related risks on your installation and power generation is guaranteed for at least 25 years. This coupled with cheaper power cost results in high and safe returns on your investment on solar plants.

Environment Friendly

Solar based electricity is among the cleanest sources of power production. Solar provides green and environment friendly electricity for your establishment and helps reduce your carbon footprints.

Hassle Free Plant Operations

A solar rooftop plant requires minimal O&M intervention and requires regular module cleaning for satisfactory generations. Our O&M services and remote monitoring solutions ensures hassle free and efficient power plant operations.

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